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Lux Auric Protection Essence

Anima Mundi

$ 10.00

Lux Auric Protection Essence by Anima Mundi

Lux Auric Protection Essence

By Anima Mundi

$ 10.00

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A potent flower & gem essence containing the power to protect your auric field. This essences cultivates the expression of being able to assert your Self in situations you feel compromised. It gently empowers you to arise from negative thought form, and manifest a higher frequency body. 

Use: Drink 1-2x per day, 5-10drops in a meditative mood.

**Flower Essences are psychosomatic medicines. They are made by infusing Flower elementology and geometry into the pattern of the water - becoming a conductor to support transform cellular function. Flower essences balance the emotions and the psyche.**

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