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h o l i ( R o s e ) No º4 Deodorant

Agent Nateur

$ 24.00

h o l i ( R o s e ) No º4 Deodorant

h o l i ( R o s e ) No º4 Deodorant

By Agent Nateur

$ 24.00

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Shiva Rose and Agent Nateur have collaborated on a special new natural deodorant called     h o l i ( R o s e ) No º

A SENSUAL and exotic blend of SACRED sandalwood and heart opening ROSE

The smell is  intoxicating and HEALING. Sandalwood is a pheromone and acts as a natural deodorant. 

The Number derives its meaning from CREATION. It represents patience, trust, honesty and integrity. It vibrates with passion, drive and MASTERY.


Use: A little goes a long way.  You don't need much.  Make sure you apply it to clean skin and add more throughout the day if necessary

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, sunflower butter, avocado butter, castor oil, rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, love

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