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$ 35.99

Valia Envigor Herbal Supplement
Valia Envigor Herbal Supplement Envigor


By Valia

$ 35.99

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Revolutionary in formulation and design, Valia's Envigor represents the best in proactiv immune boosting care. Formulated for the individual looking to strengthen their core, Envigor focuses on internal cellular reaction strengthening immune functioning while at the same time preserving cell integrity.

Formulated with Essica Tea and bio-available beta glucan mushroom complexes, Envigor is the "new" in full body detoxification. Recommended for daily use and complete support care, Envigor is a nutracuetical you will feel working. Infused with multi spectrum antioxidants, Valia's unique flagship supplement protects cells from oxidative damage while cleansing the blood of reactionary substances that can cause intracellular damage.

Envigor is supplement containing clinically researched elements shown effective in the fight against manipulation within the body - and the very best in what Valia represents and believes in.

60 Capsules

Use: Take (1) capsule morning and night with 8 oz. of liquid or as directed by a health care practitioner.

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