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$ 22.99

Valia Ecco Herbal Supplement


By Valia

$ 22.99

Hair falling out? Nails breaking or peeling back?

Let Valia's Ecco change the structure and strength of both your nails and hair.

Ecco is a proprietary revolutionizing Hair and Nail supplement designed specifically to promote hair and nail growth. Both tested and proven to work, Ecco delivers life changing results and helps women and men struggling with hair loss.

Ecco is a premier supplement that assists in strengthening the root folicle, promoting scalp health, and regulating folicle secretion. Guaranteed to provide results - Ecco nourishes the membrane and boosts hair production at the source, working from the inside out. Purifying our hormone balance. Antioxidant rich herbs, included to promote healthy hair and clear radiant skin.

Ecco delivers mineral and nutrients necessary to stimulate hair growth and fight against baldness. This highly effective supplement delivers potent tangible benefits when used on a daily base. Full of vital nourishment and easily digested, you will love the Valia's Ecco.

60 Capsules

Use: One (1) capsule morning and night with 8oz. of liquid or as directed by a health care practitioner.

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