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Aloe & Immortelle Hydrating Toner


$ 45.00

Odacite Aloe & Immortelle Toner Mist

Aloe & Immortelle Hydrating Toner

By Odacite

$ 45.00

Each tiny drop of this divinely scented fine mist infuses mature, dry or sensitive skin, with perfect hydration, restoring a fresh dewy complexion.

Fresh aloe vera and hyaluronic acid infuse the skin with perfect hydration, restoring skin plumpness and reducing any redness or inflammation. 

Immortelle essential oil stimulates healthy cell growth and revitalizes damaged tissue. 

Sea fennel extracts acts as a combatant for puffiness specially around the eyes.


Use: Mist all over face after cleansing your skin, as a refreshing mist all day long, and to set makeup.

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