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ABRACADABRA: A Book of Magical Wisdom

Lori Barbaraia

$ 11.60

ABRACADABRA: A Book of Magical Wisdom by Lori Barbaria
ABRACADABRA: A Book of Magical Wisdom by Lori Barbaria ABRACADABRA: A Book of Magical Wisdom

ABRACADABRA: A Book of Magical Wisdom

By Lori Barbaraia

$ 11.60

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ABRACADABRA means create as you speak. The question is who is speaking and from what source? This is a commentary on a way of being that goes against the grain of most of what you've ever learned. It's about unlearning: disremembering and obliterating all the rules you have previously bought into. It's about stepping off the line and going out of bounds to reside in the place where the concept of base, safe and careful are no longer necessary shelters.

This book is about an alternate way of being, which means allowing or necessitating a choice between two or more things. And this is where magic abounds!

"We are on a journey through life's territories of good and evil, light and darkness, angels, heroes, and villains. We are being summoned to wake up and acknowledge who we really are in this dream of life. Use this know-how guide to affirm your power, spark your journey, and create a Magical Life in the face of all challenges. Learn how to pull your Rabbit (who represents your good fortune) out of your hat, so you can leap and bound beyond all that holds you back, right into your enlightened destiny." - Lori Barbaria

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