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We painstakingly compound each scent using only organic, wild crafted, supercritical (CO2) extracted & certified hexane free absolutes to guarantee purity and olfactive quality. Our oils and raw materials are verified by a variety of processes from gas chromatography to USDA organic certification. We formulate to produce the purest, safest products possible that are sophisticated, complex and provide for a beautiful experience.

Our creations contain none of the synthetics or chemicals associated with mainstream perfumery and skincare and we do not use oils that are diluted, engineered or fractionated. We are uncompromising in our methods and in our commitment to creating products that sustain the living and olfactive quality of our oils. This strict adherence to our standards has yielded ground breaking luxury organic fragrances that demonstrate complexity, relevance and depth.

All essential oils are organic, sustainable, wildcrafted and/or C02 extracted. All absolutes are CO2 &/or certified hexane free. Each scent is blended in a base of USDA organic jojoba oil.

Our recently launched Eau de Toilettes were over 2 years in the making and each scent has been created using only pure essential oils from organic, wildcrafted and sustainable sources paired with NPA certified (Natural Products Association) non-GMO Vitamin E and a proprietary USDA organic compliant, food grade preservation system that is 100% natural & contains wild thyme and wild marjoram.

We chose not to use denatured alcohol in the blends as it contains poisonous additives and is not meant to be ingested and should not be absorbed through the skin (most fragrances use denatured alcohol). We compounded our EDT’s in a base of USDA certified organic cane alcohol that has been filtered using a three-stage system.

Our perfume oils are blended in a base of USDA organic jojoba that has been domestically and sustainably sourced.

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