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BB 11: Deep, Seductive & Sweet

BB 11 is from our sophomore collection released in the spring of 2015 and represents our first foray into gourmand scents. The inspiration behind the scent is decadence and attraction. I thought it could be really interesting to approach it from the sweeter side as most sugared perfumes do not generally invoke sensuality and sophistication. Determined to retain depth, I set out to create something multi-dimensional and demonstrated - more than simple sweetness. The goal was a bit of contradiction with this one and the results interestingly flow between heady, candy-like aromas and a smoky, sultry vibe giving it a seductive depth.

The challenge of creating this scent was great fun. Instead of using Vanilla (which is a go-to for sweeter gourmands), I opted for Black Balsam, which has a more complex olfactive profile. By adding in notes of ambrette seed, the blend started building a subtle, sexy twist. Next up, a very deep floral, Frangipani, and to lighten the blend, I added several green notes and high altitude lavender without making the overall scent overly herbaceous.

BB 11 is a great scent for any season as it can stand up to the heat of summer without being too heavy and it also wears beautifully during the colder months, as it is not too airy or citrusy. A must for date night or anytime you want to feel a bit more sensual.. It’s beautiful and a bit provocative but never obscene (not that that’s a bad thing :) )..

I love it because it’s entirely unexpected and really takes a sweet perfume to a new level.
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