Stockist Spotlight: Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries, Orange County, CA

Lurk Loves Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries

Enkel, meaning 'simple' in German, may describe the products at Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries, but certainly not the journey that inspired it's conception.

After searching for relief from Hashimoto's disease (an autoimmune thyroid disorder affecting hormones), Mandee Gutierrez was shocked to learn how few restrictions beauty brands face in the United States. While there were healthy products available at local, organic health food stores, Mandee didn't believe that safe products should feel any less luxe (and we totally agree!).

Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries was born soon after. This gorgeous, sunny beauty shop in California's Orange County aims to help people in the area find safe products they love - encouraging them to touch, smell and test in store- to build a healthy, luxurious and effective routine. We are honored to have LURK on Enkel's shelves.

LURK stockist Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries

We got a chance to hear a little more about what Mandee loves about Enkel. And if you aren't already, you have to follow along on Instagram because their #thisnotthatthursday posts should not be missed.

What is your favorite thing about Enkel and what you do?

Our little store is in a quaint french style shopping center and we carry a wide variety of products for one's every beauty need.  We are also always keeping our eyes and ears open for new finds. We love being able to help people who struggle with sensitivities and show them that natural products can deliver performance without all of the harmful ingredients. 

If you had to pick, what is your favorite LURK fragrance and why?

My favorite LURK fragrance is BB11 because it is so light, and perfect for day or night!

If we came to visit, what is one thing you would tell us to do while in your neighborhood or city?

Tustin has a small town feel in a the middle of busy Orange County, CA. If you came to our neighborhood, we have a really cute old towne with restaurants, shopping, and a few good watering holes. 

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