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Lurk VLC V3 Inspired Collection

VLC V3 has a serious wanderlust. This super sensual infusion begins with notes of Vetiver and Moroccan Tansy seamlessly blended with a hint of Moroccan Rose, Cedarwood and Blue Cypress. It's the perfect hybrid between super sexy woods and fresh notes- the ultimate fragrance to transition you into Fall. Think of it like the perfume version of an off-the-shoulder sweater.

We set out to create a collection inspired by VLC V3's sense of adventure - products that were edgy and androgynous, and capable of taking you on a journey. 

Some of our favorites include:

Reverie Milk

RMS Lip2Cheek 

Lotus Wei Quiet Mind

Kahina Beldi Soap

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Lurk VLC V3 Inspired Collection

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