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Inside the Studio

LURK perfume oils are conceived and created in NYC & The Hamptons. Here's a glimpse into our inspiration and process.

LURKShop 2016 Gift Guide

For My Sister

1. Shawn Burke Neccessaire bag: This bag doubles as makeup bag for day and an uber stylish clutch for evening and I love the depth and richness of the colors. Beautifully sleek and simple and the same time and a great gift.

2. Sprayology Beauty Essentials: Everything she will need to keep her skin, hair and nails healthy and looking great. This is beauty from the inside out and is so so easy to use.. You can see and feel the results within a week or two and these secret weapons are perfect even for someone that doesn't have a lot of time for self care.

3. Night Delights Healing Milk Bath: This luxury soak nurtures dry winter skin and soothes the mind with powerful aromatherapy.

4. LURK Eau de Toilette in RSW 005: The perfect sparkly floral that is never heavy or too intense. This blend is uplifting and sophisticated and goes from season to season with ease.

5. Precious Skin Elixirs Peridot Cleansing balm, 6. Rose Quartz Botanical Mist & 7. Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay: The absolute perfect trifecta of skincare for those with normal to dry skin types. Beyond nourishing and purifying. These products bring skin into perfect harmony especially after the rigors and overindulgence of the holiday season.

For my Best Friend

1. Miansai Screw Cuff in Sterling Silver: Super cool and gorgeous, this cuff goes with everything and garners endless compliments. 

2. Maya Chia The Super Blend: This balm does it all.. Perfect for all skin types and all skin concerns. It wraps the skin in moisture with brightening anti-aging benefits to boot (and don't worry about breakout prone skin with this product, it heals and promotes purification as well)

3. Little Barn Apothecary Coffee Mint Body Scrub: This invigorating scrub exfoliates and tones while leaving a skin loving layer of nourishing oils to heal and protect.. Softness beyond compare.

4. Laguna Herbals SPF 50: This all natural sunscreen boasts an ingredient list that your skincare will envy. This product is the perfect makeup base and provides staying power without clogging pores. Perfect for protection on the slopes, for that much needed winter jaunt to St Barts or everyday use to keep sun damage at bay.

5. Eating With the Chefs: A visual and culinary journey with the worlds most accomplished chefs that includes incredible recipes and an insiders view into the worlds best restaurants. A beautiful experience for anyone that loves food. 

6. LURK perfume oil in BS 004: Quite simply put, pure happiness in a bottle. With main notes of blood orange, lime and sandalwood this luminous scent evokes the laid back vibe and endless possibilities of long summer days. 

For my mom

LURK perfume oil in 1. NST V7 and 2. PRJ V1: These scents are super luxe and rich and just right for her sensibility. NST V7 is a complex floral with notes of tuberose and lotus blossom while PRJ V1 is comprised of fresh citrus blended with a beautiful Jasmine and a complex rose accord. 

3. Odacite Intensive Hand and Heel: This ultra healing cream bathes super dry winter skin in moisture. Perfect for hands, feet, elbows (great for cuticles) and anywhere else on the body that needs a little extra care. 

4. Kosas Organic Lip Color in Rosewater: Clean formulations, stellar pigments and pure moisture.. These lip colors are long wear and an all around treat for your lips. 

5. Frantsila Gentle Cleansing Emulsion and Nourishing: Frantsila is a Finnish herbal skincare line that is is beyond gentle and is created by hand. The family that creates the line also grown all of the herbs used in the formulations and the efficacy and purity is amazing. Highly concentrated and results driven, my mom fell in love with these products immediately. 

6. California Tailor Shirt No. 1 in Pink Stripe: These perfectly tailored shirts are handmade in the USA and are a perennial favorite for everyone here at LURK. Easy to wear and always stunning, they go with everything and are super comfortable to boot. 

For my boyfriend

1. Little Barn Apothecary Vetiver + Juniper Beard and Face Oil & 2. Bamboo + Fresh Mint Clearing Face Mist: This is the dynamic duo for sure. Super easy to use and incredibly moisturizing. The Mist keeps skin clear and the oil moisturizes skin and beard (if you have one). Guys usually don't spend a lot of time on skincare so I recommend this oil/toner hack that everyone can use.. Spray mist/toner in the palm of your hand (3-4 pumps) and then add 3-4 drops of oil into the toner in your hand.. Rub hands together and apply to face and neck.. Ladies this one is perfect for you too as it makes applying your face oil easier and also increases the penetration & efficacy of all of the ingredients in both products (this is due to the fact that the toner/mist draws the oil deeper into your skin).. AMAZING. 

3Meow Meow Tweet Lemon Eucalyptus Deodorant Stick: Easy to use and so so effective. And whats more no messy fingers as application is now a breeze.. 

4. Pursoma Resurrection Bath: This is just the ultimate detox, cleansing, relaxing, recharging soak. It obliterates muscle aches post workout, purifies the skin and primes the body for the best night of sleep ever!! 

5. Meow Meow Tweet Tea Tree Charcoal Soap: Deeply cleansing, yet moisturizing this bracing soap really cleans and purifies the skin without drying. 

For my energy worker


1. Takara Pom Pom Bracelet and Night Shield Necklace: These hand made pieces are utterly stunning and exude a vibe that is completely cool and subtly evolved. 

2. Bottega Organica Rejuvenating Face Scrub and 3. Overnight Renewal Cream: The here ingredient here is Prawn Sage and the creator of this brand has pioneered the research and the formulations so the skin can optimally benefit from its incredible anti-aging properties.. Whats more, they grow all of their own ingredients and make all of their products my hand. These beauties are groundbreaking to say the least and your skin will glow endlessly.

4. JustBe Daily Cleanser: This collection is created by NYC’s preeminent holistic facialist and is founded on ayurvedic principals. The cleanser is a best seller and contains almond and walnuts. these beauty nuts, coat the skin with Vitamin E; while Milk powders' lactic acid removes the daily build up of dead skin and impurities, leaving skin soft and refreshed. 

5. Valia beauty and health supplements: These herbal formulations are tops in our book for creating radiant health from head to toe.

6. I Love Aromatherapy Meditation Blend: This blend helps bring the body and mind into perfect harmony and assists in focus and letting go.. Something we can all use for sure.

Stockist Spotlight: Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries, Orange County, CA

Lurk Loves Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries

Enkel, meaning 'simple' in German, may describe the products at Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries, but certainly not the journey that inspired it's conception.

After searching for relief from Hashimoto's disease (an autoimmune thyroid disorder affecting hormones), Mandee Gutierrez was shocked to learn how few restrictions beauty brands face in the United States. While there were healthy products available at local, organic health food stores, Mandee didn't believe that safe products should feel any less luxe (and we totally agree!).

Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries was born soon after. This gorgeous, sunny beauty shop in California's Orange County aims to help people in the area find safe products they love - encouraging them to touch, smell and test in store- to build a healthy, luxurious and effective routine. We are honored to have LURK on Enkel's shelves.

LURK stockist Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries

We got a chance to hear a little more about what Mandee loves about Enkel. And if you aren't already, you have to follow along on Instagram because their #thisnotthatthursday posts should not be missed.

What is your favorite thing about Enkel and what you do?

Our little store is in a quaint french style shopping center and we carry a wide variety of products for one's every beauty need.  We are also always keeping our eyes and ears open for new finds. We love being able to help people who struggle with sensitivities and show them that natural products can deliver performance without all of the harmful ingredients. 

If you had to pick, what is your favorite LURK fragrance and why?

My favorite LURK fragrance is BB11 because it is so light, and perfect for day or night!

If we came to visit, what is one thing you would tell us to do while in your neighborhood or city?

Tustin has a small town feel in a the middle of busy Orange County, CA. If you came to our neighborhood, we have a really cute old towne with restaurants, shopping, and a few good watering holes. 

LURKShop: Odacite Synergie[4] Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque

Odacite Synergie[4] Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque

One of the newest and most promising ingredients in skincare is probiotics. In their latest product, Odacite captured the potency of probiotics by removing the moisture creating an easily customizable, super effective powder. Introducing the Synergie[4] Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque - now available at LURKShop.

By removing the moisture, this masque is activated at the last minute when you add water, thus ensuring potency and viability of probiotics and all other ingredients. Beyond the probiotics, Odacite sought out ingredients that work together to deliver the best results. This is a complete beauty treatment, focused on 4 synergies of ingredients to detox, peel, brighten and boost collagen. 

We made sure we stocked this masque as soon as we could. Anne loves it because it is the ultimate multi-tasker & is endlessly flexible. It is super rare to find a product that can be seamlessly customized for any skin-type & any skin concern.

Since Odacite's founder, Valerie, is all about customization she designed the masque so you can mix Synergie[4] Masque with other liquids that will boost the benefits. Our favorite custom masque is recommended for the urban girl - mixing the Synergie[4] powder with wheatgrass juice! Valerie loves this cocktail to combat the dull, tired skin that is a result of all the pollutants and environmental aggressors that our city lifestyle exposes us to. The skin functions at its best when saturated with oxygen yet all of those environmental aggressors asphyxiate skin cells. The result? Due to its high chlorophyll content wheatgrass has the ability to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, revitalize and energizing the skin’s functions. Plus besides its high content of chlorophyll, wheatgrass is made up of 17 essential amino acids, 90 minerals, 13 vitamins and 80 enzymes, so wheatgrass is a broad spectrum tissue rejuvenator. 

The choices are limitless and lucky for us, Valerie has included a beauty recipe book in each box so you can create your own special cocktail - and don't forget to show off yours by using and perusing #MySkinCocktail.



LURKshop: VLC V3 Collection

Lurk VLC V3 Inspired Collection

VLC V3 has a serious wanderlust. This super sensual infusion begins with notes of Vetiver and Moroccan Tansy seamlessly blended with a hint of Moroccan Rose, Cedarwood and Blue Cypress. It's the perfect hybrid between super sexy woods and fresh notes- the ultimate fragrance to transition you into Fall. Think of it like the perfume version of an off-the-shoulder sweater.

We set out to create a collection inspired by VLC V3's sense of adventure - products that were edgy and androgynous, and capable of taking you on a journey. 

Some of our favorites include:

Reverie Milk

RMS Lip2Cheek 

Lotus Wei Quiet Mind

Kahina Beldi Soap

Shop The Collection

Lurk VLC V3 Inspired Collection

Stockist Spotlight: Little Barn Apothecary, Atlanta GA

Lurk Fragrances at Little Barn Apothecary in Atlanta

There is so much to love about Little Barn Apothecary. We've always been fans of their beautiful products and were honored that our fragrances are included in the lineup at their flagship in Atlanta, which opened just weeks ago.

The collaboration doesn't stop there - this summer we worked to harness the vibe and ethos of LBA into a bespoke scent. Designed to be fully androgynous, we created this signature perfume using a soft trio of woods infused with a fresh citrus accord and finished with orris root and balancing florals. Uber modern and sexy. Main notes include cedarwood, sandalwood, orris root, pink grapefruit, lavender absolute and blue cypress.

Since Atlanta isn't as close as we wish it were, and we've been drooling over photos of their gorgeous new space, we did the next best thing: caught up with Joshua and Brad to get a little insight into what they love about the shop & what you should expect if you get the chance to visit. 

What is your favorite thing about Little Barn Apothecary & Co?

It was too hard to choose one – so we picked two!

The first is getting to interact with our customers in person each day. When we started the company, we were e-commerce and wholesale only, so we didn’t have as much face-to-face contact with our customers. Now, we get to meet them inside the shop, hear about their needs, and suggest relevant remedies. It’s so fun to see someone choose a product they love, that makes them feel excited and renewed.

Second, we love the research element of our job. We started Little Barn Apothecary out of our home as a hobby because we loved experimenting on the weekends with fragrances and wild-harvested ingredients. And we still love that part of the process today!

If you had to pick, what is your favorite LURK fragrance?

We of course love our LURK x LBA Collaborative Scent but are also huge fans of CRG V9!

If we came to visit, what would tell us to do while in Atlanta?

Get lost somewhere in the Atlanta Botanical Garden. We love how grounded we feel when we’re there, surrounded by beautiful plant life. And, hike to the top of Stone Mountain, one of Atlanta’s most recognized landmarks! 

Little Barn Apothecary & Co
Westside Provisions District
1170 Howell Mill Road NW
Suite OL1
Atlanta, GA 30318

Can't make it to Atlanta? Shop LURK x Little Barn APOTHECARY here or in our Shelter Island shop.

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